Printed fabric is a trendy type of fabric used to make a different style of clothing like flowy skirts, summer dresses, sarees, scarves, and dupattas. There are many kinds of printed fabric with a different base to be used in clothing and garment. The printed fabric is also used in furnishing and upholstery to liven up any room in the house. They are primarily vibrant in color and made out of organza, linen, or soft and flowy fabric. The classical printed fabric is a very famous fabric to adore outfits. This type of print is also known as ethnic or traditional print. This print utilizes classical themes or ancient illustrations or traditional collections, such as mango, an elephant with chariots, antique musical instruments, etc. Floral is another famous patterned cloth. It features a print of various flowers, either in a cluster or solitary spotted, big or little, as well as a mix of foliage and other embellishments. Stripe printed cloth comes in a variety of styles. Designs include pin, zigzag, spiral, zebra, diagonal, horizontal, vertical, curved, and lamp post stripes. The computerized or digital printed fabric is also trendy and used in clothing for different purposes. It can be used in Indian suits and saree, flowy gowns and shirts, skirts, and summer dresses. Another popular and stylish fabric is dot and checks printed fabric. Checks are prints created by intersecting horizontal and vertical lines at 90-degree angles. Plaids, Madras, Bombay, and Oxford checks are the four primary forms of checks. The dots are the spots, which can be customized or plain and available in any color of your choice. Big dots, tiny dots, and polka dots are the three primary forms of dots.