Shishi’s introduction of pearl fibre fabric represents a new milestone and breakthrough in the development of high-grade, health-care, and functional fabrics. It is a fabric that can prevent UV radiation, skin ageing, and has the functions of eliminating hot spots on the skin’s surface, removing freckles, removing acne, and skin maintenance. According to reports, pearl fibre is a city-invented fibre with original technology and independent intellectual property rights. The pearl fibre fabric successfully created in this project not only has the impact of pearl skin care, but it also has moisture absorption, breathability, and pleasant wearing properties. Pearl fibre yarn and fabric are mostly created by blending, which not only addresses the problem of single pearl fiber’s poor strength, but also fully exploits the functional properties of pearl fibre. It has a variety of uses, including skin whitening, cleansing fire and detoxification, anti-UV protection, and so on. It is most suited for producing underwear, although it may also be used for a variety of other apparel uses.