Koshibo polyester fabric is a woven fabric that is midweight. It can be used to make both casual and formal apparel. The fabric, which comes in a variety of treatments, retains colour well and is excellent for printing. In the absence of microfiber technology, it is best described as a conventional polyester fabric, closely resembling those used in the United States throughout the 1960s and 1970s. These textiles are made from filaments that are produced by a chemical solution and extruded through tiny screens before being spun into threads and yarns for fabrics. Filaments can be mechanically kinked to generate textures similar to natural materials such as cotton and wool, or they can be left smooth to achieve silk-like results. One of its most appealing features is its ability to imitate the textures of more costly textiles. It is available in a variety of weights and textures, including silk, satin, suede, crepe, and chiffon. Polyester fabrics may be yarn-dyed, retaining colour well and fading less than most natural materials. Although it lacks the stretchiness of polyester knits, this fabric drapes effectively and mimics the effects of delicate lightweight textiles such as silk chiffon or organza while being more durable. Because of its flexibility and low cost, it is appealing to the evening wear market. This fabric an be used to make a variety of clothing articles and can be used for formal and casual clothing.

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