Decorative fabric can be used to amp up any outfit and give it a burst of creativity. Many decorative fabrics can be used to make flowers and brooches for your dresses and even can be used for furnishing and upholstery. Cotton is an excellent decorative fabric. It is breathable and durable. Cotton fabric can be used to make flower or hem borders for your dresses. It can also be used in cushions, curtains, and bedding. Because of its light, flowing texture, chiffon is commonly found in scarves, blouses, and dresses, especially bridal gowns and prom dresses. Crepe is a popular fabric for suit and dressmaking because it is soft, pleasant, and easy to work with. Georgette, for instance, is a kind of crepe fabric that is frequently used in designer clothing. Crepe is also a decorative fabric in blouses, trousers, scarves, shirts, and skirts. Lace is regarded as a premium textile and the most outstanding decorative fabric since the open-weave design and web-like pattern need time and talent to make. The delicate, translucent fabric frequently highlights or adorns garments, particularly wedding dresses and veils, although it may also be seen in shirts and nightgowns. Satin is a popular decorative fabric in evening and wedding dresses, lingerie, corsets, tops, skirts, jackets, outerwear, and shoes due to its sleek, smooth surface and lightness. It is also suitable for use as a basis for other textiles.